Library Project

The O4SR Library Project provides the Skeptical Inquirer magazine and skeptical books to local libraries.

Richard Leinaweaver initiated this promect, and CSICOP provides O4SR with a special subscription rate. Leinaweaver first identified libraries that did not carry the magazine. He rankes those libraries by the number of patrons served and per capita income of the population served. From this data he selected 12 libraries witht the greatest need and the largerst potential readership to receive ongoing subscriptions. Finally, he confirmed that each receiving library wanted the subscription. The first were provided in 2000 and renewed in 2002 and 2005.

Donating books or subscriptions

Members may donate a subscription to the library at renewal times if the library accepts the subscription. To date, an additional donation has been made to Western Oregon University. Book dontations may be made at any time.

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