A Scientific Critique of Chiropractic

By: "The SkepDoc" Harriet Hall, MD.

This talk was given Friday, May 5, 2006
Portland State University

Chiropractic is widely accepted in the U.S. but is nonexistent in many other countries. Why? How effective is it? Is it better to see a chiropractor or a medical doctor for that backache? What can chiropractors really do for back pain and other medical problems? Is what they do based on science? Are they really putting a bone back in place? Is the "subluxation complex" a myth? Did you know chiropractic adjustments may occasionally cause a stroke or other serious complication? Did you know many chiropractors give dangerous advice and embrace various sorts of quackery? Learn how to choose a safe chiropractor who sticks to evidence-based treatments.

About "The SkepDoc" Harriet Hall, MD Harriet A. Hall, MD, alias "The SkepDoc," is a retired family physician/Air Force flight surgeon who writes about alternative medicine and pseudoscience. She is medical advisor to the Quackwatch website and is on the editorial board of the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine. Her articles have appeared in Skeptical Inquirer, Skeptic magazine, Pensar, The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine and on the web at Quackwatch.org .

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