O4SR's primary public education activity are free public lectures on subjects related to science, medicine, technology and, of course, skepticism by notable experts.

da Vinci Days

This unique festival celebrating art, science and technology happens in Corvallis, Oregon, in July. O4SR participates with a booth of creative and thought-provoking hands-on exhibits. Beside being one of O4SR's signature events for promoting the organization and recruiting new members - it's also a LOT of fun!

Darwin Day

An annual event cosponsored with the Willamette University Biology Department.

Social Events

O4SR hosts social gatherings during the year for members to get together, discuss interesting topics at pot lucks and BBQs.

Non-O4SR Events

Events and programs of skeptically-related interest sponsored by other organizations not directly connected to O4SR. (Such as the annual Skeptic's Toolbox" sponsored by CSICOP.)

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