On-line Groups

O4SR Manages communication (E-Lists) with the membership through the use of two Yahoo Groups. All members are automatically enrolled in the Announce group so they can be kept up-to-date with important announcements. Members may also choose to enroll in the optional Discussion group; an "open-forum" where a broad spectrum of topics of interest to members can be shared in the context of O4SR's mission.

Discussion of religious and political claims are generally avoided unless scientifically testable. Access to these groups is reserved for current members of O4SR only.

Two ways to access Yahoo Groups

E-Mail access The Yahoo system is capable of providing e-mail distribution services between you and other O4SR members. An e-mail sent to the group is distributed to all other members of that group. Some members find this method results in receiving large volumes of unwanted incoming e-mail. In this case, you may prefer to view Yahoo group messages and services through its Web-based interface.
NOTE - The footer of each group E-mail message contains the option to "unsubscribe" from the message group which your membership completely from the group. We ask that you please NOT unsuscribe from the Announce group so that you will continue to receive important notices from O4SR.

Web-based access - The Web access to the Yahoo groups is similar to a "Bulletin Board", commonly referred to as a "Forum". Messages generated through the group are numbered, logged, then "posted" (archived). By accessing the group through a Web browser, additional features are available such as the ability to share files, photographs, respond to polls to name a few. (Screen shot of the Discussion group via Web browser.)

To access the Announce and Discussion Yahoo groups via Web browser, a member will first need to create a Yahoo "profile" and password with which to log in to access the group. A member can then manage how e-mail messages are deliverd to you:

  • No E-mail - You will stop receiving any e-mail from messages posted to the group. Choose this option if you prefer to view messages only through your Web browser.
  • Special Notices - Receive only "important" messages designated by the moderator.
  • Daily Digest - Up to 25 individual messages are compiled into one daily e-mail.
  • Individual e-mail - Every individual message posted to the group generates a separate e-mail message to you.
  • Changing your e-mail delivery preferences does not affect your ability to view the group via Web browser.

    View the Yahoo groups Help section for information or contact our E-List or Web site managers for assistance.

  • Yahoo Announcement E-list group
  • Optional Yahoo Discussion E-list group

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