O4SR is not them -- it's YOU!    O4SR relies entirely on volunteers to make programs and events happen. Without an active membership there is little O4SR can do. Your talents are needed and valued. Below are some suggestions for how you can help:
  • Serve on the Board of Directors - Leadership positions require and understanding and committment to O4SR's mission, taking an active role in O4SR's operation and decision making process.
  • Serve on one of our Committees - Committees welcome interested members. Have computer skills? Join the Technology Committee. Are you good at writing? The Communication Committee can use your skills.
  • Newsletter - Contribute an article, book or news report or commentary.
  • Speakers - Suggest a speaker or offer to give a talk.
  • Help organize programs - We need a Program Committee member to assist with organizing programs, contacting speakers and locating venues, arranging publicity.
  • Suggest a location for programs and socials - Can you suggest a place to hold socials, no-host dinners or talks.
  • Volunteer for specific activities - da Vinci Days is one of our most popular events. However, O4SR also participates in science fairs and other educationally-related activities and demonstrations. Often we need someone to video-tape talks and lectures.
  • Investigations - O4SR members have launched investigations into pseudo-scientific claims and published their findings.
  • Special Interest Groups - (SIGs) may form sponeaneously around topics of particular intereste, research investigate or monitor activities related to topics of interest, and perhaps present a report to members.
  • Special Activity Groups - Similar to SIG, these groups may form around particular activities such as speaking or writing letters to the local newspaper or fact-checking particular topics.
  • Donate skeptical books or supplies.
  • Donate money - Members donations support educational activities such as student memberships, scholorship to the annual Skeptic's Toolbox.

    Whatever your skills or talents, there is a place for you in O4SR.

    10 Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor

    Writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper is an excellent way to educate the public about science, pseudoscience and address paranormal beliefs by the public. Keep in mind that membership does not entitle any member to speak on behalf of O4SR.
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