Oregonians for Science and Reason is a non-profit, independent corporation committed to the development of rational thought and action through the application of scientific methods and critial thinking to claims of questionable science and paranormal phenomena.

Board of Directors

There are seven members on the Board of Directors. Board members serve a term of three years. Board meetings are held roughly every three months and are open to all members. An annual meeting is held in January and open to all members and the general public. For a list of the current Board members, see the Contact O4SR page.


Committees plan and execute most O4SR activities and functions and serve under the direction of the Board. Member participation on the committees is strongly encouraged.
  • Activities/Events - Jeanine DeNoma
  • Membership - Josh Reese
  • Communications - newsletter, publicity, - Janet Schmidt, Jeanine DeNoma
  • Technology - E-lists, Web site - Mark Cowan, Dave Chapman, Robert Neary


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